Thursday, December 21, 2006


from where i'm sitting right now, our business unit's outlook for 2007 can be summed up in one word - FANTABULOUS! in two words - fabulous fantasy.

when top management asks you to submit your budget and forecast for the coming year, and says to set stretch goals, it is but natural that these stretch goals are also in the realm of reality. and not in the realm of dreams - however wonderful those dreams may be. so, like the good soldiers we were, our group submitted what was required of us.

lo and behold! it seemed that we didn't understand what was needed from us. we did not understand that we were supposed to submit numbers that would be to their liking, that would look very good indeed when being flashed during a presentation. it seemed that our very smart and all-knowing bosses really do know a lot more about our markets than us who are on the frontline. well, well, well... what do you know?

so these wonderful people then ask us to change our numbers to something that would look pleasing to them. this after we've told them several times how utterly unrealistic those numbers were for us and for our customers. ahhh... but they are generals, and aren't the generals the one setting the strategies. sargeants are merely sent out to do the dirty deed, or die trying. hahaha! or even better - blames you when the strategy fails. yikes.

i can't say i didn't try to let them see the folly of their ways. i might have even bordered on insubordination the way i was answering. i was asking to be fired. heck, once i'm out of our business unit, they'd get further reduction in the unit's operating expenses! whoopee!

oh well... too bad it didn't boil down to fisticuffs... i'd probably have kicked ass then...

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Yahoo! Fantasy NBA standings

all i can say is 'uh-oh'.

my teams' standings`to-date:
1. zakman 1 (Liga0607): 4th
2. zakman 2 (basketnut06): 7th
3. zakhoops 1 (Kaisa Invitational): 11th
4. zakhoops 2 (season 4): 6th
5. zakhoops 3 (egoy): 6th
6. zakhoops 4 (Yahoo winner 41289): 1st (whoppee!)

it's still a long way to go though. so i'm not giving up.

zak and christmas

zak's enjoying his christmas season so far. he's excited every time carolers go to our house. he always asks 'ano 'yun?' and runs to the door to see who's singing. he wants to be the one giving them our giveaways. and he's always singing 'merry christmas to you' and 'jinggle bells'. this along with 'boomtarat-tarat', 'bahay kubo', and the 'superinggo' theme.

he's enjoying the christmas lights and decors that he sees. when we finished putting up our christmas tree, he even exclaimed 'wow! ganda, daddy!'. even if the adorned christmas tree was so simple.

and he's so happy with the gifts. he thinks that all the gifts are his. come christmas day, i'm pretty sure he'll be very very happy opening his gifts.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

math questions

what would my math teachers have told me if i had answered their questions like these?

Wednesday, October 18, 2006


best 1-liners (in no particular order) from last week's business review:
1. "we will have a 10-minute pee break."
2. "this argument is bullshit to me."
3. "you are insulting a lot of people here by showing us those numbers."
4. "are we using the same formula?"
5. "stop this argument." (courtesy of the C.O.B.)
6. "the factorsh that determine the competensh of the feofle in the organishation..."
7. "there are some reporters that are just wasting our time."
8. "i want it now, not tomorrow." (courtesy of the C.O.B. on his request for the white board)
9. "there are donuts for breakfast."
10. "thank you for putting in the time and effort to make this business review a successful one." (this after attendess have sat through 3.5 days of reports - and donuts)

Monday, October 16, 2006

my Yahoo! fantasy NBA team for Ramcar

a disaster! that's what it is! my Yahoo! fantasy NBA team for Ramcar's 3rd season is on a one-way road to disaster.

this is my line-up - if you can call it a line-up:
PG: Sam Cassell
PG: Gary Payton
PG,SG: Delonte West
PG,SG: Kirk Hinrich
SG: Cuttino Mobley
SG,SF: Corey Maggette
SF: Bruce Bowen
PF: Chris Webber
PF,C: Jermaine O'Neal
C: Yao Ming

how'd i end up with those players? i dunno. ask Yahoo!. i tried to log-on to Yahoo! for over an hour last night. no such luck. and now i'm stuck with a line-up that my league-mates are already laughing about.

i won the 2004-2005 season, was 3rd last season. this season... my team would probably be the whipping boy...

oh, well...maybe bargnani will turn out to be a great pick-up

Friday, October 06, 2006

International Bad Guys

announcement to customers / inter-office memo:

october 6, 2006
to: all department heads / customer representatives
from: the office of power
re: change in division name

please be advised that effective immediately, the International Business Group (or IBG) will now be known as the International Bad Guys. the said change in division name is in recognition of their outstanding accomplishments, tireless efforts, exemplary work, unnecessary troubles, and most importantly their blatant hard-headedness and rebellious nature. management is hoping that IBG will continue its support of corporate objectives and will continue to bring the company's international business to new heights.

may the other divisions extend the new IBG all the necessary support they need.



(of course, i'm part of IBG. where else would i be?)

Thursday, October 05, 2006

10 things that say i've grown up

1. giving up sports to make sure i'll have more time with my loved ones
2. knowing when to offer advice and when to hold my tongue
3. being there for zak's school activities
4. giving up the remote control so zak can watch blue's clues or spongebob (or basketball, baseball, golf, billiards, etc.)
5. learning relaxation techniques so i can de-stress from work
6. making sure that, as much as possible, weekends are for family
7. reminiscing back to the time when the only things you really had to worry about were your exams
8. learning that in the corporate world, perceptions sometimes matter more than abilities
9. reading the business section of the dailies rather than my usual sports and comics pages
10. comprehending that no matter how i look at it, i am still blessed with so much

10a. blogging?